Champagne Ladies. Sydney’s Best-Kept Wedding Secret

Sydney’s Best-Kept Wedding Secret

Have you heard? Sydney’s best-kept wedding secret is out! A new concept in luxury wedding theme is sweeping through Australia’s largest city, and every bride now wants one! Floating ‘champagne towers’ that smile and greet guests are featuring in weddings all over Sydney. The word’s out on the wedding grapevine that ‘My Champagne Ladies’ is the firm behind this unique idea that is driving a social media frenzy. My Champagne Ladies takes a bold twist in wedding accessories. The business amalgamates three crucial elements - champagne service, decorations and wedding centrepiece into a champagne-service delivered by models in wearable art.

Three Themes to Mix & Match

There are three themed creations. ‘Classique White’ for the traditional white wedding, ‘Mystic Black’ to add a little mystery and intrigue and the gorgeous ‘Golden Burlesque’. The floating champagne ladies are eye-catching, not tacky and amazingly creative. A clever trick for wedding planners and wedding event venues to pull out to surprise a client who wants an extra something for their big event. Want to mix and match between these ensembles? Just let them know and it’s as simple as that. So there you have it. All those amazing wedding images floating on social media can be traced back to a memorable wedding into a showstopper that everyone will be talking and sharing.

Will you be telling the secret?

If you are planning a wedding or an event and want an X-factor to turn heads, try hiring one of these fantastic floating champagne ladies. When guests walk, they start to talk. We’re pretty confident this little secret is not going to stay a secret for long. When guests walk, they also talk.

Sydney’s newest wedding idea

Sydney’s newest wedding idea