Do your product launch ideas need glamour and sparkle?


Winning strategy for a successful product launch centres around experience

The success of a product hinges on the success of its’ launch. Experience is at the heart of both interaction with the product, and the event itself; but the lingering memories are what clients,buyers, and the world carry with them long after the event is over.

Max Factor’s innovative product launch ideas are still strong after 80 years

The pioneering genius of Max Factor is something to be admired. Introducing the association between makeup and the screen sirens of the 1930s, he cemented his brand’s image with celebrity. The ultimate fusion of glamour and luxury, he featured the likes of Lucille Ball and her contemporaries for the launch of beauty products like his long-wear lipsticks, marketed towards the everyday woman. In doing so, he transformed the image of makeup in the 1930’s public eye from socially unacceptable to exuberantly elegant.

This legacy of this concept still lives today with celebrity endorsements boosting brand awareness and attention.

Our Champagne Ladies are the perfect feature for luxurious product launch event ideas

As we move into the full swing of the experience economy, the brands that seek to stimulate the imagination and blend the boundaries between fantasy and reality are those that will lead a loyal following.

Our Champagne Ladies balance these two words, and exude the glamorous eras of the old world with grace and beauty. Just like the champagne they carry within their extravagant Burlesque dresses, they sparkle and shimmer amongst the event’s festivities, serving bubbly beverages for a memorable unique experience.

With class and character our Champagne Ladies add brilliance to your product launch ideas. You now have another option to secure your unforgettably effervescent experience.