3 Trending Wedding Ideas in Sydney


Be different to others

There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding, that it can be easy to forget about the finishing touches. Your guests are there to celebrate with you, show them how much you appreciate it with a memorable experience that will have them reminiscing over your wedding for the years to come.


My Champagne Ladies

One of the latest trends popping up at wedding receptions is champagne ladies. Immaculately dressed in extravagant costumes, models serve your guests in style while serving drinks from their elegant dresses!  Adding a touch of luxury and Hollywood glamour to your big day, champagne ladies are a great way to guarantee your guests will have a drink, while creating a showstopper event.


My Champagne Ladies conquer two very important elements of your wedding; entertainment and the service of drinks. Why not add a personal touch and have them serve your favourite cocktail (mimosas are a classy option), or an appetiser during cocktail hour. They’re also a big hit for serving champagne for the toasts. You’ll be sure to get everyone taking photos as they get in the party spirit! This luxurious option is exclusively available for Sydney events.


Floral backdrops

Many event styling and photo booth companies offer floral backdrops for brides wanting their guests to take the perfect selfie. They allow guests a fun and interactive experience as they create photos to look back on in the years to come. If you’re having a photo booth, a floral background is a great upgrade to add a touch of luxury to your big day. However, if you’re not having a photo booth, keep in mind that they do require your guests to take selfies, or ask someone else to take the photo.


Although floral backdrops look beautiful in photos, many brides find them as a hindrance to the formalities, as people are off in another room taking photos. The other consideration is space. They require lots of it! Keep these in mind when deciding on your wow-factor decoration piece for your wedding.


Big Letter backdrop

Big letters of the bride and groom’s initials featured in the centre of the room, near the wedding cake can be a lovely touch which help light up your wedding (literally). This is a beautiful option to help make your reception really feel like your own. If you’re hoping for guests to take photos with your letters, you may be disappointed, as this rarely happens. Although stylish, be prepared to spend about $500 (plus delivery fees) for items that offer no practical purpose.


At the end of the day, when selecting entertainment for your big day, make sure it speaks to you. Think about what you envision for your big day and what will have your guests talking for the years to come.