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My Champagne Ladies is a combination of extravagant decoration and elegant service, being the newest event idea that adds luxury to any venue. Our models are dressed in elegant jaw-dropping stunning showpieces will glide through your event entertaining your guests, while offering them free flowing beverages, desserts or appetisers.

Our Champagne Lady and will set your event aside for something different. We envision to create a reminiscing moment at events for an unforgettable experience. We train our handpick models to deliver an excellent service.


Standard Inclusions

On-site Manager 
Manager will arrive 30 minutes prior to your booking 
• Delivery of the champagne dress to/from the venue
• Installation of the dress
• Ensure our model is on time and ready for service 
• Refill beverages/appetisers
• Liaise with venue

Champagne Lady 

Model will be greeting, engaging and serving beverage to your guests
• Travelling and arrival to the venue 30 minutes prior to booking 
• Fitted costumes of your choice subjected to availability 
• Diamante earrings, exquisite choker necklace and crystal arm cuffs

Champagne Dress 
Each dress can hold 70 beverages/appetisers of choice.

Appetiser Cones 
Why not have an appetiser in one hand to complement a glass of champagne in the other?